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1960's Freight Equipment Paint Colors


Jim Hediger wrote (Message #5312 in Yahoogroups archive) on May 21, 2002;

In response to Dick Motz's question about the DT&I paint colors, here's the
 list of colors that I have used on my models for many years.  All of these
 colors were chosen by comparing them to color chips the DT&I Mechanical
 Engineering Department supplied when I built a whole train of HO models for
 the company's board meeting room about 40 years ago...

 Anticipating the question: I don't know who wound up with the models.


 DT&I Freight Car Paint Matches
 1960s car colors with closest Floquil RR paint matches


 Aluminum enamel - car roofs - R144 Platinum Mist
 Brown enamel - car ends - R74 Boxcar red
 Yellow enamel - car sides - R166 UP Armour Yellow


 Black enamel - roof - R10 Engine Black
 Red enamel - sides - R20 Caboose Red
 Yellow enamel - ends - R31 Reefer Yellow


 Black enamel - hoppers, gondolas, & flats - R10 Engine Black
 Freight car brown - plain boxcars - 50-50 mix of R73 Rust and R74 Boxcar Red
 Gray enamel - covered hoppers - R130 SP Lettering Gray
 Green vinyl paint - 70T PS-2 LO - R47 Jade Green is slightly darker
 Sky Blue - Cereal boxcars - R56 GN Big Sky Blue


 Colorado Spruce Green - 89-foot XAP - R41 light green is slightly yellower
 Dupont Green 625-8027 - cushioned 50' XM - R36 BN Green
 Green - 60-foot XAP - R41 light green is slightly darker

 NOTE: The colors listed here have always been very close to the original
 colors, but be aware that paint manufacturers change pigments and paint
 formulas which affect the colors. Even so, this list will at least provide a
 starting point for matching the colors with other brands and types of paint.

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