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The Fourth Annual DT&I Modelers Meet
Saturday August 9, 2003
Jackson, OH

Please print a copy of the full-size poster to put up at your club or local hobby shop:

Poster designed by Greg Zoll

Bill Mapes has 'volunteered' to organize the next DT&I Modelers Meet (thank you, Bill!) - here is what's currently planned:


Hotel Reservations

I'd like to know how many people will be attending who will need a motel room for Friday night and Saturday night or just Saturday night. I am going to reserve a block of rooms at the Days Inn in Jackson and need to have an approximate number of rooms that will be needed. After I get the rooms reserved, you may make your own reservations.

The Days Inn seems to be the best overall place to stay. It is 1.5 miles from the Meet site at the Route 93 exit from Route 32. It has a deluxe continental breakfast, indoor pool, sauna, digital cable. Children under age 18 stay free. The rate including a 12.5% sales and bed tax is $69.75 for a single, $75.38 for a double. If we reserve and fill 15-20 rooms, the rate goes down $7.00. If we have more than 20 rooms there will be an additional rate change. Do not make reservations at the Days Inn until I have made final arrangements on the number of rooms to be reserved. Please contact Bill by e-mail about reserving a hotel room.

We will be competing for rooms in Jackson with a horse show on the 8th and 9th of August so I'd like to get a firm number as soon as possible on those who would like to stay at the Days Inn. Please let me know off list.


Modelers Meet Location:

The Meet will be at the:

OSU Extension Office
17 Standpipe Road

-this is off Route 93 about 1.6 miles south of Jackson.


The Meet hall:

There are 21 eight-foot tables that are available for your displays at the Meet site. There will be an additional eight-foot table for display of  "what if" models. Thirteen of the tables will fit along the walls and will have access to electrical outlets. The remaining 8 tables, if we need them, will be in the center of the room without electrical access.

The room has five double outlets. If you need an outlet, let me know so that I can position your table near an outlet. You will need to bring your own extension cords.

Let me know if you will need one or more tables to display your models/memorabilia. Non-commercial displays will be given first priority. Any remaining tables may be made available to commercial vendors. Those who will bringing models and memorabilia to display, but who may also have some "excess" personal railroad items to sell are considered non-commercial. Those who will be bringing only items for sale, will be classified as commercial vendors.

The building is on one floor, has restrooms and is handicapped accessible. Entrance to the Meet will be through a door at the end of the building. Someone will be in the room at all times for the security of your displays.

Again, let me know what you'll be needing in the way of tables so that I can begin to assign tables.


So far, the Meet agenda is shaping up this way:

Friday, August 8th
7:00 PM        - Operating session on the Grafton and Greenbriar HO model railroad, reservations required

Saturday, August 9th
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM         -set up displays

9:00 AM -10: 30 AM       -registration, open

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM     -presentations, discussions
                                     -five former DT&I employees have volunteered to either make a presentation to us
                                     or to participate in a question and answer panel discussion. There are still a couple
                                     of other people that I am trying to locate to join in the presentations or QA period.

11:30 AM - Noon            -continue discussions or open

Noon - 1:00 PM              -lunch (on your own)

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM         -slide/video presentations/open

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM         -tour of shops and roundhouse (what's left of them)
                                      -Jackson County Railroad Hist. Society and cabooses (can be open later than 5:00)
                                      -visit to the DT&I depot (will be open until 8:00 PM)
                                      -and self-guided tour of railroad points of interest in Jackson.

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM        -remove displays from Meet site

An excursion on the Great Miami Railroad is not yet firm. If we are able to do it, it will be Saturday evening or Sunday morning. The gentleman who will have the Historical Society open for us tells me that the GMRR usually has no traffic on Sunday and that he has a velocipede that he runs on the GMRR. Maybe we will be able to get Jacko's speeder on the rails!

I'll pursue this further.


Non-rail activities

For those of you who will be bringing wives, girlfriends, or children, the Jackson area has some things to entertain them.

-Noah's Ark Animal Farm is nearby with over 100 exotic birds and animals. I've been there several times and it is enjoyable for children who are not yet teenagers.

-Also nearby is Splash Down, a water adventure and theme park.

-There are several antique shops and southeastern Ohio's largest art and craft mall.

-There are a few historic sites in the area around Jackson and in Wellston, just a few miles away. These include Leo Petroglyph, Buckeye Furnace, Bob Evans Farms, Cooper Hollow wildlife area, and portions of Wayne National Forest.

I'll have some brochures at the motel Friday evening.

The Third Annual DT&I Modelers Meet
Saturday August 17, 2002
Flat Rock, MI
Dave Washburn writes:
I must say that I think everything went almost as planned with the 2002 meet. I think we had over 65 paid attendees which did not count spouses and kids (maybe a new record?) We managed to break even with the door money so hardly any money was collected for tables.

We had 27 people attend the Henry Ford Museum and roundhouse tour which was just enough to cover the expense at a reasonable price per person ($22.00 as opposed to the original estimate of $35.00 which is only about $5.00 over the combined museum/village entry fee!) I don't think there would be many who could complain about how our group was treated to a truely unique experience by Marc Greuther and his fellow staff members. Especially since we had the added experience of watching the 4-4-0 locomotive pull in at the end of its daily routine.

A few lucky members even learned what an "armstrong" turntable feels like when they got to turn the 4-4-0 over to the wash track.

Afterwards we all went into a large conference room and were treated to view over 70 original contact prints from the Ford era as well as a sprinkling of blueprints, maps, letters, and manuals. There was even a large pictorial wall map that had been painted by a DT&I employee in the mid '50s and donated to the museum.

Only two things went wrong at our visit. One was yours truly did not know that the Southfield exit off I-75 was closed due to
construction. My appologies to all who had to navigate on their own to the Village (all did make it however). The other was that my mother got stung by 4 bees while climbing onto a viewing platform outside the roundhouse to take a group photo. Aside from some itching she is doing fine.

Many thanks to DT&I retiree Bill Kruse for his time and effort as speaker at our event. Also to his son Don (current CN employee) who thrilled the crowd of over 40 people in 15 vehicles that lined the turntable pit at Flat Rock yard while he drove a GP switcher onto the table and spun her around for us.

Also special thanks to Assistant Superintendent Joe Owens who I think was a little overwhelmed with the crowd but who managed to feed us all cookies and soft drinks anyway.

All in all I had a great time working on this event (although I am somewhat glad it is over) and I want to thank everyone for attending and sharing their photos, models and collections. You may have noticed I tied to spice up our event with some folks who are more from the railroad memorabilia side of the hobby but still hard core DT&I fans. I thought the combination worked well and much was learned from everyone involved. Many plan to attend our future meets as well.

A special thanks to Tim Clark for his help. Also to my wife, Kassie and my parents, Elaine and Terry who volunteered their time and effort.

My vote for 2003 would be for Jackson first-because what is there may soon disappear; Lima second, because Scott Trostel said he would attend if it were close, and Ironton third - there may not be much left, but the DT&I will always be alive to the folks who live there.

Thanks again, it was fun.


TIME:  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM or later

The Meet was held at the Best Western - Woodhaven Inn 21700 West Road at I-75 and West Road (Exit 32). The hotel is just east of I-75 on the north side of West Road at the intersection of Hall Road.

Here's a map of the hotel and area courtesy Mapquest. Be sure to click on the 'Aerial Photo' tab in the upper left hand corner of the map page: they've got full-color aerial photos of Flat Rock yard and the surrounding area!

The Second Annual DT&I Modelers Meet
Saturday August 18, 2001
Springfield, Ohio

Many thanks go to Mr. Jim Hebner, of Springfield, who helped arrange the meeting space at Clark State

TIME: 8:30am- 5:00pm or later

Clark State Community College, Springfield Ohio; exit 54 off I-70 and SR 72; ½ mile to east on Leffel Rd. Meet held in Rhodes Hall, 1st floor; this is the first building you'll come to on campus No school in session, we'll have the building to ourselves.

-Main room for displaying on tables- lots of light, snack/ vending machines
-nice sized 2nd room/ auditorium for showing videos, slides, or guest lecturers (video, overhead and slide projectors provided)
- lockable classroom for putting your valuables or other items in while you tour Springfield/ South Charleston (see note below about DT&I depot tour)

Mr. Scott Trostel, Author of "The DT&I"
Mr. Charles Shy, brakeman, conductor and trainmaster road foreman-Engineer on the DT&I from 1946- 1982
Mr. Steve Neff, videographer and producer of DT&I video

Morning- visit/ chat; view pictures/ video; modeling & scratchbuilding discussion
Afternoon -Trip to South Charleston (25 min drive) visit restored DT&I depot - Mr. Charles Shy may meet us there
Tour of Junction Yard possible, still working with IORY and Tri-State Lumber to arrange release of liability statements/ tour guide.

The 2nd Meet was organized by Nathan E. Drummond.

The First Annual DT&I Modelers Meet
August 19, 2000
Napoleon, Ohio

Our first meet was a rousing success, with over 45 attendees. Many fine models were on display and tours were made to the soon to be demolished former DT&I roundhouse in Napoleon. One Modelers List member even brought a former DT&I speeder, which was also very popular. A big "Thank You" to Terry Harrison and all those who worked behind the scenes to make this meet a success.

 Photos from the meet and the day's events (roundhouse tour, DT&I Maumee River bridge shots, Campbells Soup Plant exterior views, DT&I motorcar) courtesy of Modelers List member Jacko can be found at the location below (will open in a seperate window).

1st Annual Modelers Meet photos

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